Why use Paper Tigers promotional products as a form of promotion?

Giving a Paper Tigers personalised advertising gift shows appreciation to the recipient and creates goodwill and loyalty. It's one of the most acceptable and beneficial ways of promoting your company.

Nine out of 10 respondents (92 per cent) believe that branded promotional merchandise increases a company's brand awareness.

Over three quarters (76 per cent) said that they could name a brand or company/organisation featured on promotional merchandise on their desk without looking.

Over half (52 per cent) purchased from the companies that were branded on a piece of promotional merchandise on their desk.

82 per cent said they would keep an item they were given rather than give it away.

Where can I buy printed tapes and printed packaging to promote my organisation?
You can buy specialist and printed tapes from Campbell International at their specialist tapes website, including: pipeline identification tape, custom tapes, hazard tapes, and any other kind of specialist tapes, just click here.

If you have any questions please contact our sales team here.